Love from our water baby families

Saw some other products online a lot cheaper but the description of this one had thicker plastic and seemed more durable, our baby is 4 months old and loves it! She can see through the clear plastic and is only occasionally distracted by the blue "water baby" print which is printed on the inside. My husband blew up the floatie which seemed pretty hard to do, but our little one just has so much fun! Allows all three of us to be enjoying the pool together.

- Anitra

We love the Water Baby, and more importantly, so does our son!! It gives him, and us the freedom to swim. He can float and enjoy the water, and we can float with him because we don't have to carry him in the water!

- Tenille V.

I love our water baby floatie. My husband calls it our daughters water collar lol we use it in the bathtub all the time and now to go swimming. Such a great idea! Highly recommend.

- Kellie

We love our Water Baby floatie! I wish I had one for my first son. There was no feature overlooked on this design. Quality made and designed. The smooth lines and indented chin support make it comfortable for baby to wear around the neck. Our (now 4 month old) has worn this for the last month in the tub with his big brother and is giddy anytime we’re prepping for tub time.

- Karli R.

Our 5 month old baby LOVES his Water Baby! We use it at home in the tub and in the pool! Best thing ever, highly recommended!

- Ashley H.

These are amazing! My parents got my six month old one for Christmas and she LOVES it! We tested it out and it actually hold us up! I use it in the jacuzzi tub we have (a deep tub would work too) for bath time or an extra exercise during the day! Specifically if she’s fussy it’s quite relaxing for her to float around. We have brought it to the pool as well and got TONS of compliments! This floatie has guaranteed made my 7 month old more confident in the water and even the lifeguard comments on how she’s actually starting to swim now! Would never hesitate to push people to buy this product! You won’t regret it! Thanks Water Baby!

- Clare

Makes swimming in the bathtub and pool so much fun!! Less stress for mommy and good times for baby.

- Kellie M.

Knox is a water baby for sureeee, so this floatie was a big hit with him. I was nervous at first but did my research before we bought one. I’m not much of a swimmer, I like it but don’t LOVE it, with babies, it’s hard - they are slippery, floppy and just want to go go go. I find life jackets too bulky and honestly hard to use! Needless to say, I got him one of these for Christmas because I couldn’t not and it’s AMAZINGGGGG. It isn’t limited to the pool either, they can be used in the bathtub too! Their little heads and faces stay completely dry (unless they splash themselves in the face like Knox did) and they float with ease! Which means mom and dad don’t have dead arms by the end. This comes HIGHLY recommended by me... though I totally know it’s not for everyone. We are for sure a water baby family for life. So freeing, for all of us!

- Brittny A.

My baby absolutely loves this!! We tried it out in the bath at 2 months old and felt comfortable enough to use in the pool the next day! Can’t wait to use it again and again!!

- Candace C.

LOOOOOOVE your product! My son is 5 months old and is so happy wearing this. He's comfortable and smiling, while being able to be free in the water with his body. The product is easy to use and great quality! Simple and fun. Thanks!

- Brittany P.

Love love love this product my son has never loved bath time more.

- Nicole R.